Two-day workshop for the coaching team

Two-day workshop for the coaching team

At the beginning of October, we conducted an intensive training session for the coaching team of the Supernovas project in Kazakhstan.

At the beginning of October, we organised an intensive two-day workshop for Supernova’s coaching team. The main goal of this event was to reveal the full versatility of the coach's role and illustrate the variety of methods that can be applied in training.

The programme was prepared in cooperation with Semyon Palagutin, the project's methodologist, a coach with 20 years of experience and former head of the AFC Kairat football academy. During the training, we paid special attention to the analysis of standards, as well as the peculiarities of working with different age and psycho-emotional categories of children. In addition, our team learnt about methodological recommendations for working with mixed teams and conducting joint training for boys and girls. The coaches also analysed the importance of the football match itself, which is a logical extension of the training sessions and a motivational tool for the children.

As we know, practice makes perfect. We provided our mentors with the chance to apply what they had learned by creating their own training program, taking into account the objectives and parameters set. This hands-on experience helped our team better understand the complexity of effective coaching.

What made our intensive truly special was the opportunity for participants to discuss aspects of coaching and engage in vibrant discussions among like-minded people.

At Supernovas we are committed to the continuous professional development of our coaches, so this event is just the beginning. The success of this workshop has encouraged us to make it an annual event, enhancing the training process through on-site masterclasses.

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