Become a Supernovas Coach in Kenya

Apply before May 22nd and start your recreational coaching journey by partnering with Supernovas in Kenya!

We are a non–profit football project by inDrive for children from small communities

What we do

We hire football pitches and hold free training sessions for children

What it's like

Each of our football fields is a safe space: it’s not about sporting prowess here

Why we do it

To promote communication, mutual respect, honesty, openness and interest in sport

Come train for us and fire up local kids' interest in football

We run our training sessions in locations where someone has shown interest in becoming one of our coaches. You don't need any specialized training to apply and become a Supernovas coach — our methodologists will teach you everything you need to know.

All our coaches get paid for their work. We will always be in touch to answer any questions you might have about our training methods, plan and hold events with you, and to discuss the development of the project.

Become a coach

How our project works

Choosing our coaches
We begin by collecting applications from those who want to join Supernovas and coach football to kids. We look for people from small towns (between 5,000 and 50,000 people). If you share our values, can help us find a training site in your town, and want to become one of our coaches, then we'd love to hear from you.
Reviewing candidates
The second stage is an interview. If we're a good fit for each other, and we think the project will work well in your town, we can start looking together for a training site in your town!
Preparing pitches and training coaches
We get the football pitches ready for the training sessions, make sure they're fully equipped, and our amazing partners will provide specialized training to our coaches.
Blow that whistle!
We hope that kids from different Supernovas locations will be able to meet each other at friendly tournaments and other future events organized by us, and that our coaches will be able to exchange expertise too.
Our values


We try to create the atmosphere of joy and celebration on the field. Our coaches don't yell at kids. They don't punish them for mistakes. At Supernovas, children find themselves surrounded by friends. We don't demand results from them — we teach them how to play football and enjoy the game.


Both boys and girls can attend our training sessions. We welcome children of all social classes and nationalities, as well as children with special needs. Segregating children in any way fosters a fear of being different. Instead, we teach children to accept others for who they are. We have no prejudices, and we want to convey that to those around us.


The most important thing in our training is to have fun, not just to ‘get some exercise’. We try to make it so that kids love our training sessions and never want to skip a session. They may not become professional football players, but we think it’s important to teach them to love sport and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Growth

We don't compare children to each other. Everyone is unique in their own way. Our coaches try to find an individual approach for every child. The only way to learn to be creative in the game — and in life — is to not be afraid of mistakes. We discuss what children can work on to improve their skills, but we never compare children to each other. It is important that children keep trying even if they fail at something.


Skills can't master themselves. We show children that they need to work hard, practice, and be persistent in order to succeed. We tell them how important it is to make their own decisions and not be afraid to take responsibility.

Team Spirit

It's important that all Supernovas kids feel like part of the team both on and off the field. We want them to be mindful of others, support each other, and set an example for their peers.
Supernovas shine the brightest
When a supernova is born, its energy and light radiate throughout the Universe. And this is what we strive for: helping young stars shine as bright as possible.

A supernova explosion helps the universe evolve. Just like supernovas are so much more than light, our project is so much more than sports. We help children fit in, boost the development of small towns and villages, and bring many other important changes to the community.

Our project is called Supernovas, plural, because there is not just one rising star. Instead, there are many brilliant children, along with parents and coaches, throughout the world, and we work with them as one big team.
Meet Sparky!
Sparky is a dazzling little light that energizes and supports everyone who takes part in the project, children and adults alike.

He teaches kids how to make friends and respect one another, and lights up the hearts of their coaches, as they show how much they care.

Sparky is your good friend and companion in the universe of soccer.

Our locations

We may be from different corners of the world, but we all come together for the love of the game.
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Challenging injustices

As a company, inDrive aims to challenge injustice in all areas of life. We believe that by helping to bring together children, parents and coaches in small towns, we can promote sport and a sense of community that in turn teaches us about fairness, equality and respect for each other.

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