Details of technical training for coaching team in Africa

Details of technical training for coaching team in Africa

Supernovas Africa's coaching team completed an intensive four-part training program, focusing on theory, planning, real-life application, and game integration.

The football coaching team of Supernovas Africa underwent an intensive training program to enhance their skills in technical education for children. The four-part workshop focused on crucial aspects determining the success of football training.

The first segment delved into the theoretical component, covering football coaching standards and diverse management styles. Emphasis was placed on understanding how children perceive and adhere to standards, considering their age, physiological, psychological, and emotional characteristics. Coaches gained insights into tailoring technical and tactical training for different age groups, spanning from 5 to 12 years old. The second segment concentrated on the meticulous planning of the training process. Instructors highlighted the significance of setting and achieving specific goals, evaluating both the training and the actual football game's results. Notably, our training prioritized a harmonious approach to children's development, where the lack of a sporting result entails seeking an individualized approach rather than punishment.

The third segment of the program was dedicated to applying theoretical knowledge in real-life scenarios. Coaches learned to plan effective training sessions, emphasizing utility and enjoyment. Safety, physical activity, and conflict resolution were covered, providing coaches with a comprehensive view of organizing group training sessions. Recognizing the game as an integral part of coaching, the final block focused on the purpose and regularity of football matches. Our coaching team gained an understanding of the processes before, during, and after a game, learning to adapt their behaviour for optimal results. The significance of feedback and statistics on individual progress was also emphasized.

True mastery comes with practice. At the training's conclusion, coaches were given the opportunity to develop their own training program, considering set objectives and parameters. Special attention was given to collaborative group or pair work, effectively applying what was learned in a real coaching environment.

In just three days, the Supernovas Africa coaching team acquired valuable knowledge and practical skills, enhancing their ability to nurture the next generation of football stars.

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