How do we start our training sessions?

How do we start our training sessions?

The Supernovas methodologist pays attention to every aspect of the educational process, and the warm-up is no exception. Let's find out where our football training begins!

Often the warm-up is perceived as the most boring part of the lesson, which is so tempting to be late for. Running three laps, stretching, a simple square - a standard set that not only takes up precious time but also fails to address the goals of the session.

At the same time, the introductory part of the training process - as warm-up is scientifically called - has the important task of preparing the athlete for intensive physical loads. 

We avoid boring and monotonous warm-up exercises, prioritizing the goals and objectives of the main part of the session. If the coach plans to focus on dynamics, he chooses an energetic and intensive warm-up programme; if the main part will be teaching new elements of technique, the emphasis is on exercises that improve concentration, attention and coordination.

In addition, the warm-up should help the child physically and psychologically prepare for the training. For this purpose, we dilute the whole process with games and relay races containing elements of those exercises that will be encountered in the main part of the lesson. The concentration, bright emotions and full physical dedication help the athletes switch from everyday worries quickly and focus on training.

So just like that, in 15 minutes, we can effectively prepare our players for any training task!

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